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Over 25,000 delegates attended the 10   World Urban Forum in Abu Dhabi, between the 8 - 13 February 2020. Prof. Jason Pomeroy moderated keynote dialogues and hosted a book launch of ‘Cities of Opportunities: Connecting Culture and Innovation’. Curated by Pomeroy Academy, edited by Prof. Pomeroy, and published by Routledge, the book provided an enlightening accompanying text to the prestigious event, bringing together essays from leading luminaries on the Forum’s main theme of driving sustainable urbanisation through culture and innovation. Special guests speakers also included the book’s fellow contributors; Tim Stonor(Managing Director of Space Syntax), Andrew Grant, (award-winning landscape architect), Maria Vassilakou, (Deputy Mayor of Vienna, Austria), , Samvit Kanoria, (Partner in Mckinsey and Company's Middle East office), Emmanuel Benbihy, (Producer of Cities of Love Franchise), and Charif Hamidi, (co-founder and CEO of ED 4.0).


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