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Special thanks to our 2014 supporting partners!

The National Design Centre 

The National Design Centre (NDC) is the nexus for all things design. This is where designers and businesses congregate to exchange ideas, conduct business, use its facilities and obtain assistance from the national agency for design, the Design Singapore Council. Centrally located in the arts, cultural, learning and entertainment district in the Bras Basah-Bugis area, it is well placed to invite the public to learn about design through its exhibitions and programs.

Shophouse & Co 

Shophouse & Co activates urban spaces through creative cultural projects with the community. Using culture as the social glue, Shophouse & Co work with local communities, private and public organisations across Asia to create vibrant and meaningful urban spaces. Shophouse & Co has previously directed and produced 2012 & 2013’s Archifest, a Festival of Ideas for the City and most recently curated and produced the inaugural design trail, Creative Circuits during Singapore Design Week 2014.

Building and Construction Authority

Building and Construction Authority (BCA) is an agency under the Ministry of National Development, championing the development of an excellent built environment for Singapore. Organised by the BCA and having its sixth run from 1 – 7 Sep 2014, the Singapore Green Building Week (SGBW) will play host to international green building experts, policy-makers, academics and built environment practitioners, for a congregation of ideas, collaboration and learning, to achieve a shared vision of a greener planet through the green building movement.

International Green Building Conference (IGBC) 2014

International Green Building Conference (IGBC) 2014, held in Marina Bay Sands, will be the anchor event of the SGBW. As the region’s premier green building event, IGBC 2014 is expected to attract more than 1,000 participants from over 30 countries - from thought leaders, real estate developers to urban planners, architects, engineers, builders and other industry professionals - committed to understanding and putting into action real-world, tangible green building solutions.

National Parks Board (NParks)

National Parks Board (NParks), the lead agency on nature conservation, provides and enhances the greenery of the City in a Garden. Beyond managing 300 parks and 4 nature reserves, NParks actively engages the community by developing extensive streetscape, roadside greenery and an island-wide Park Connector Network that links major parks, nature areas and residential estates. NParks aims to conserve representative eco-systems in land-scarce Singapore, monitoring and coordinating measures to enrich the presence of biodiversity in the urban landscape.

Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC)

Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) advocates green building design, practices and technologies. As the only non-profit organization with a concerted private-public sector partnership in Singapore, the SGBC drives environmental sustainability in the building and construction industry to achieve a world-class and sustainable built-environment in Singapore.

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH)

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) is the world’s leading resource for professionals focused on tall buildings and future cities. The group facilitates the exchange of the latest knowledge through events, publications, research, and its free database on tall buildings, The Skyscraper Center, which is updated daily. CTBUH also developed the international standards for measuring tall building height and is recognized as the arbiter for bestowing such designations as “World’s Tallest Building.”

National Library Board (NLB)

National Library Board (NLB) manages the National Library, 25 Public Libraries and the National Archives. NLB promotes reading, learning and information literacy by providing a trusted, accessible and globally-connected library and information service through the National Library and a comprehensive network of Public Libraries. By forging strategic partnerships to cultivate knowledge sharing, the libraries also encourage appreciation and awareness of Singapore’s history through their wide range of programmes and collection on Singapore and regional content.

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is the world’s leading qualification when it comes to professional standards in land, property and construction. RICS is an independent professional body originally established in the UK by Royal Charter. Since 1868, RICS has been committed to setting and upholding the highest standards of excellence and integrity – providing impartial, authoritative advice on key issues affecting businesses and society. RICS is a regulator of both its individual members and firms enabling it to maintain the highest standards and providing the basis for unparalleled client confidence in the sector.


Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, is a global publisher of academic books, journals and online resources in the humanities and social sciences. They publish hundreds of journals and thousands of new books each year, from offices all over the world. Their current publishing program encompasses the liveliest texts, and the best in research, with over 35,000 books in print.


ERCO is a leading international specialist in architectural lighting headquartered in Germany, developing lighting solutions in architectural projects for culture, retail, work, hospitality, life and public buildings. Perceiving light as the fourth dimension of architecture, ERCO works closely with architects, lighting designers and engineers to highlight architectural features.  Regardless of building types or architectural concepts, ERCO is able to enhance the soft touch of structures and does so to contribute to the culture of the community.


Wilkhahn is a worldwide recognized German brand and an award-winning manufacturer of high-quality office chairs and conference furnishings. Their products are benchmarks for the furniture industry, renowned for being innovative, durable, functional, aesthetically pleasing, and environmental friendly. After producing and implementing the first environmentally controlling process and waste management concept in 1992, Wilkhahn has continued to practice environmental responsibility for over 20 years. It is now setting new standards in terms of their socio-ecological approach.

Rezeca Renewables

Rezeca Renewables is a pioneering Singapore based company in the field of renewable power and energy efficiency. They develop and deliver viable and proven renewable energy solutions for the long-term benefit of the environment.  Having established themselves as a leading provider of grid-tied solar power systems and LED lightings in Singapore, they are passionate and committed to promoting renewable energy.


Lightrus is a Singapore-based Light Gauge Steel (LGS) manufacturer and engineering designer of steel frames for buildings and solar mounting structures. Combining the realms of technology, design and business, Lightrus strives to create lighter and faster design options which serve as cost-competitive alternatives to other structural systems.

City Architectural Models

City Architectural Models is one of the leading model making firms in Singapore. Founded by Wilson Chan, the studio has over 25 years of experience, producing regional and global architectural models. With meticulous craftsmanship, latest CAD/CAM capabilities, and a well-equipped studio fitted with laser cutting and rapid prototyping facilities, City Architectural Models enjoys a successful track record, achieving their mission of building “timely and cost efficient quality models”.


NotchStudio is a hybrid of design and technology. With an open mindset, NotchStudio actively challenges the boundaries in website design. Creative and interactive elements are often incorporated into web creation to foster enjoyable browsing experiences. By understanding the needs of businesses, NotchStudio is able to work with firms in various fields to translate their messages into unique visual web interfaces.

Salt De5igns

Salt De5igns is a social media consultancy that carves social media paths for businesses to embark on. It provides solutions to challenging encounters while navigating the social media landscape, allowing social media to efficiently achieve business objectives. Taking inspiration from salt as a necessity of life and a well-known ingredient to add depth and flavour used across various cultures, Salt De5igns is the platform for an extra edge amongst competitors.


Peatix is a ticketing platform that empowers organisers with convenient tools to create, manage and sell out events. From walking tours to conferences, Peatix can be used for events of all types and sizes. To date, Peatix’s mobile-focused solution has served over 25,000 events across 26 countries. For delivering simple, easy-to-use products, Peatix received the Good Design Award 2013. Peatix set up an office in Singapore in 2013 to support and connect to users on the ground here.

Mine Minds

Mine Minds specializes in transforming brand messages into corporate videos that effectively captures and directly communicates brand images to targeted audiences. Through incorporating applied creative, Mine Minds encapsulates the essence of brands, thus allowing businesses to express themselves vividly and concisely. With a strong passion to support budding entrepreneurs, Mine Minds strives to further positive causes with their expertise to create impressionable experiences of sharing and viewing.

ANSEL media

ANSEL media provides digital media solutions that stand at the forefront of photography. Backed by Jonathan Danker with 5 years of experience in a wide variety of photography genres, ANSEL media is well-rounded and ready to overcome challenges to bring imagination to reality. ANSEL media has a strong interest in the fields of Architecture and Landscaping, as such allowing places and buildings to be brought to life through vivid photography. 

Rezeca Renewables

DesignSingapore Council

DesignSingapore Council's vision is for design to differentiate Singapore from global competition. As the national agency for design, the Council’s mission is to develop the design sector, and to help Singapore use design for innovation and growth, as well as to make life better. The DesignSingapore Council is part of the Ministry of Communications and Information.


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