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Culture and Innovation in cities can take on different complexions if viewed through the lens of academics and practitioners drawn from different geographies, disciplines, or fields of expertise when addressing particular urban challenges. It is through this complexity of views that the event sought to provide a broad perspective on how culture and innovation contributes to the sustainability agenda in the context of global cities today; and a rich cornucopia of insights from thought leaders within their respective fields to shape the cities of tomorrow.


Cities of Opportunities: Connecting Culture and Innovation

About the Speaker

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Prof. Jason Pomeroy

Founding Principal, Pomeroy Studio and Pomeroy Academy Singapore

Jason Pomeroy is an award-winning architect, academic, author and TV presenter, regarded as one of the world’s thought leaders in sustainable design. He gained bachelor and master degrees from the Canterbury School of Architecture and the University of Cambridge; and his PhD from the University of Westminster. He is the founder of Singapore-based interdisciplinary design and research firm Pomeroy Studio, and sustainable education provider, Pomeroy Academy. Pomeroy’s books include: Cities of Opportunities: Connecting Culture and Innovation (2020), Pod Off- Grid: Explorations in Low Energy Waterborne Communities (2016), The Skycourt and Skygarden: Greening the Urban Habitat (2014) and Idea House: Future Tropical Living Today (2011). He continues to raise cultural awareness of cities through his critically acclaimed TV series ‘Smart Cities 2.0’, ‘City Time Traveller’ and ‘City Redesign’.

Cities of Opportunities
About the Speaker
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