Iconic building models by Raffles Design Institute students

Solaris architectural model

'Transitional___'Edition 1 Rooftop Installation

Shophouse & Co's 'How do you lunch' with Pomeroy Studio

2 sept. 2014 Design Green! Launch event

Guest speaker Tan Tian Chong, Group Director of the Building Construction Authority Singapore

Guest-of-Honour Roland Davies, Director of the British Council

Rooftop nightly activities powered by solar energy

Design Green! Skycourt & Skygarden Exhibition

Scotts Tower Singapore architectural model

"Inside the Designer's Studio" with Andrew Grant

"Inside the Designer's Studio" with Mike King

"Inside the Designer's Studio" with Ken Yeang

Masterclass with guest lecturer from Nparks

'Build your own Skycourt'

Design Talk & Tour at National Design Centre and National Library