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Design Green! 2020 was a virtual and physical event curated for the book launch of Cities of Opportunities: Connecting Culture and Innovation’. The event formed part of the Tenth Session of the World Urban Forum (WUF 10) and included lectures, fireside chats and “Voices of the Future”.

Prof Jason Pomeroy initially launched the publication to accompany the United Nation’s Habitat Group’s WUF 10 held in Abu Dhabi in early 2020. The forum covered how cities and its places continue to be centres of culture and innovation that can be inextricably linked.

As lock down measures eased in Singapore, Pomeroy Academy continued with the Asian leg of their book launch tour to coincide with a month of sustainability themes at the National Design Centre, Singapore in early 2021. The book brought together essays from leading luminaries on the theme of sustainable urbanization through culture and innovation. The virtual and physical event in Singapore was presided over by the British Council; with the opening address given by the British High Commissioner, Her Excellency Kara Owen.

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